What life game are you playing?

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What life game are you playing?

You are playing a game, even if you don't know it yet. Society is composed of a series of games and not knowing what type of game you are playing will hurt your prospects of winning. Three big games are being played in parallel:

  1. The merchant game: You are playing against other humans. This is the politics game, the media game, the being famous game, the dating game, the getting money game. If it depends on other people deciding you are winning, it's the merchant game. Most people on earth are playing this game. You win this game by beating a market.
  2. The scientist game: You are playing against nature. This is the building new rockets game, the discovering new drugs game, the learning about the universe game. A select group of people is playing this game. You win this game by beating nature.
  3. The craftsman game: You are playing against yourself. This is the virtuoso game, where you dedicate your life to improve your skills every day. Few humans are playing this game. You win in this game by beating yourself.

We need more people playing the scientist and craftsman games but It's almost impossible to play just those without also playing the merchant game. This is where most people get lost. They understand the necessity of the merchant game but stop there. They let it become the only game dominating their lives. If you only play the merchant game you will slowly forget there are other more enjoyable games.

You are the one selecting the game you are playing. Never forget, you have other choises. Choose wisely.

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