Lessons on How to Prioritize Product Ideas


Introduction Your resources are limited, and even if you have money at your disposal, you don’t have infinite time. You can’t and shouldn’t build all your ideas, choose one, and execute well. I know this is easy to say but hard to do. This article is a summary of what I learned about the art of prioritizing products, and it is a work in progress that I hope to update as I gain...

10 Questions to Fall in love with an AI


Today is Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. It inspired me to do a little experiment. Could it be possible to create a way to make people fall in love? Well, I am not sure, but scientists at the University of New York tried to do it. Dr. Aron and his team devised a series of 36 questions that the subjects would ask each other. Those questions became famous because of the popular New York...

Enlightened Machines: On Buddhism and Superintelligent AI


I find the concept of superintelligence fascinating. Reading Nick Bolston’s Superintelligence made me think about the future of intelligence in ways that I never imagined. A lot of discussions about the perils of a super AI have been done in the last couple of years. There are many possible threats like: 1) AI deciding to eliminate Humans 2) AI eliminating Humans as a side effect In these...

Everything I Learned about Generating Startup Ideas in my first 10 years as a founder


This article is a compilation of everything that I learned about how to generate product ideas. It’s my my way of learning and it’s not a finished work I will update it as I learn more in my journey to great great products. Everything starts with an idea. The silicon valley lore says that ideas don’t have value; execution is where real value resides. This focus on the execution...

Why you should start a personal blog today


It has been a long time since I stopped blogging. In the age of 30-second videos and 140 characters, writing long-form seems like an old man’s game. However, blogging has always had a special place in my heart because it has brought me many great things. The company I co-founded would probably not exist if not for a random comment I left on a stranger’s blog. He ended up to become one of my best...

Applying first principles thinking to your startup


One thing that surprises me over and over is how many startup founders don’t use models and equations in their business. I always get strange looks when invariably I ask my favorite business questions: “So, what is the equation here? What variable are you hoping to affect by doing this?” Startup founders and startup people in general are all about “metrics” and being “data driven”. These things...

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Edmar Ferreira é Co-Fundador e CEO da Rock Content, líder em Marketing de Conteúdo no Brasil, e é membro ativo do SanPedroValley, comunidade auto-gerenciada de startups de Belo Horizonte.

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