What type of ambition do you have?
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What type of ambition do you have?

What type of ambition do you have?

Ambition can be seen as a virtue or a vice, depending on who you ask. However, most people don’t understand that there are many times of ambitions:

Some people want to have. Their ambitions are around owning things or having experiences. These are the most common type of ambition. These are the kind of people who want to travel the world or own cars and houses.

Some people want to be. Their ambitions involve their identity. People who want to be parents are a good example of this as well as people who want to be painters, writers, etc. They are either train to become something or to keep being what they are.

Some people want to achieve. People who want to win a particular prize or climb a mountain for example. They want to run a marathon or to publish a book. They are always looking for the next challenge.

It’s easy to mistake a type of ambition for another type.

At first sight, you could argue that someone who wants to be promoted to director has the ambition to be a director, however, this is a job that you have, if having the title of a director is what matters the most for that individual their motivation is having the title more than being or doing anything.

Why should you care?

The type of ambitions you have in life tells a lot about what are your real values. Being around people who don’t share your values will drain you like nothing else.

Keep the company of those who share your values.

Shed from your life the ones who don’t.

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