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Hi, I’m Edmar Ferreira

I’m the founder of Rock content, the leading company in the Content Marketing space which serves thousands of customers world wide.

Every year I choose a new personal challenge such as creating a new app every month or learning something new.

The challenge that changed my life the most was reading 100 books in a year. Since then reading became an integral part of my life and brought me so many benefits that I can talk about how awesome reading is for hours. However, I have spent all this time just consuming and now I realize that:

Reading a lot of books is just another form of accumulation.

I believe we are born to create. We are more Homo faber (Latin for "Man the Maker") than Homo sapiens. We are empire builders and art makers.

This is why my personal challenge for this year will be to produce more and consume less. I will do it by writing every single day for the entire year of 2021.

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